Cumulus + iHeartRadio


All iHeartRadio messaging has been suspended.

Remove any and all iHeartRadio/IHR branded messages including commercials, imaging, social and print (including van images).

Content below is for archival purposes only.


On this internal instructional web page, you will be able to download updated audio for your station, get copy points for live reads and instructions on local tagging of spots.

If you have questions about your on-air promotion of iHeartRadio, reach out to Aaron Roberts.

If you have a format, logo or positioning statement change and need that updated within iHeartRadio's site or app, reach out to Wynn Corliss.

Traffic Instructions

Current as of December 30th, 2014

Schedule for announcements; the traffic department will schedule these.

No Markets/Stations are Exempt from running iHeart Radio spots.

The only exception is for the hours a station is running syndicated programming that meets both of the following criteria:

  1. The syndicated hour is sold out with revenue generated spots
  2. If you cannot add inventory to the syndicated clock due to time restraints in that hour iHeart Radio spots pre-empt Zero dollars spots.

Missed spots should be made good ASAP within the parameters of the contract: Monday-Friday between 5:30AM – 8PM; Saturday between 6AM – 7PM.


  • 17 spots (of which only 9 can be 15 seconds, others longer)
    • 15 = 3 spots a day x 5 days ( Monday-Friday) between 5:30AM – 8PM – equal rotation per day
    • 2 = 2 spots on Saturday between 6AM – 7PM – equal rotation per day
  • 12 promo liners = 2 promo liners per day x 6 days (M-Sa) between 6AM-7PM

Copy Points

Live copy is to be :05 in length. This live copy is to be recorded by local talent and scheduled by traffic. This is part of the traffic order that is listed on this page.

Focus: You are one touch away from IHEART on line and on your phone at Convey the message of being able to hear your radio station when you are mobile and online.

Live Promo Examples:

  • "The #1 Hit Music Station, Q100, on the air and on iHeartRadio!"
  • "Rock 100.5 online at and"
  • "On the air, online and on, we are Kicks 101.5"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my station have to promote iHeartRadio on the air, even if my station is not on the platform yet?
A: Yes.
Q: How do we promote iHeartRadio on the air? What do we say?
A: Recorded audio for traffic schedule and approved verbiage for on air promos can be found on this page under the heading IHR Audio.
Q: How will the iHeartRadio logo get on my stations website?
A: Cumulus Digital will add the IHR logo for you and link it to your page in If you have any questions, please address them to Wynn Corliss.
Q: Our station has its own app, do we still promote that or do we promote iHeartRadio instead?
A: IHR does not affect the promotion of any existing station apps.
Q: Will our stations be doing promotions and events as part of iheart? When will these start?
A: As promotions develop for our stations the details will be communicated.
Q: I've changed my format, my logo or my positioning statement. How will that get changed in iHeartRadio?
A: Send your change request to Wynn Corliss and the Cumulus Digital team will submit the changes.
Q: I still have questions regarding IHR, who do I contact?
A: Reach out to Aaron Roberts with any additional questions you may have.